About Us

Our Inspiration

“Health is a Disease-free body, Quiver-free breath, Stress-free mind, Inhibition-free intellect, Obsession-free memory, Ego that includes all, And Soul which is free from sorrow.” ~ H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The Brand

We, at Sri Sri Tattva have a global vision of bringing the best of Ayurveda to the world. We manufacture quality products at state of the art facilities with the common goal of reviving Ayurveda in its truest form. One of our Unique selling proposition is all doctors and staff members meditate before making our products. We believe that the positive state of mind and good intention of healing reflects in the products.

Sri Sri Tattva follows a multi-disciplinary and a unique 360° approach with a presence across the entire value chain. We at Sri Sri Tattva focus on a holistic approach: the integration of Ayurveda with treatments, yoga, meditation, profound wisdom and powerful breathing techniques.

Our team draws great inspiration from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and promise to spread this legacy of wellness across the globe.

360° Value Chain

We at Sri Sri Tattva aim to greatly enhance the level of health and wellness in the world. With that, we focus to strengthen each link of the value chain materials, research & development, state of the art manufacturing units, effective retail, training colleges, inspired physicians, hospitals and wellness centers. We strongly believe that with the support of like-minded people, organizations and their unique capabilities we together can realize the vision of bringing effective wellness to the World!

Manufacturing Facilities

Established in January 2003, within the campus of the Art of Living International Center the factory is operating a world-class production unit, Research and Development division, quality control unit and marketing department. The facilities have the prestigious GMP and HACCP certifications. (GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice; HACCP: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Sri Sri Tattva offers effective herbs, personal care products, food and nutritional products.