Ojasvita Herbal Drink - 200g - Refill pack

Ojasvita Herbal Drink - 200g - Refill pack

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Bored of plain milk?

Looking for a healthy option that can please your taste buds and provide you nutrition at the same time?

Try our Ojasvita, an ultimate combination of good health and great taste.

Ojasavita is luscious blend of yummy flavors and Seven amazing Herbs. A big hit with all age-groups that is sure to keep you energized and asking for more.
Power Of 7 HERBS
Ashwagandha: Builds Immunity.
Brahmi: Develops Mind
Bringaraj: Rejuvenates System
Jyotismathi: Develops Memory
Kali Musali: Gives Strength
Satavari: Nourishes Body
Shankapushpi: Increases Energy

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