Quin Bites – box of 12 bars (use by Jan 2020)

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12 x 30g bars

Simple & Healthy Ingredients | Vegan | Organic | Raw

  • QUIN BITE Hazelnut is inspired by the irresistible soft taste of hazelnut-chocolate cream, able to replace even the bread with chocolate spread.
  • QUIN BITE Brownie is inspired by the favorite dessert chocolate brownie, in a new healthier version and raw revolutionary recipe.
  • QUIN BITE Choco Mint is inspired by the refreshing taste of fresh mint and pieces of raw chocolate chips for more memorable nights.
  • QUIN BITE Coco Choco is inspired by the tempting taste of coconut and raw chocolate chips, irresistible from the very first bite.
  • QUIN BITE Coconut is inspired by the combination of the gentle flavor of coconut and cashew which will find its place in your heart.
  • QUIN BITE Blueberry is inspired by the juiciness of fresh blueberries and will make your taste buds feel anything but blue.
Quin Bites – box of 12 bars (use by Jan 2020)