Ojasvita 500g



Good health meets great taste!

Your new twice a day habit. Often what is tasty is not healthy, and what is healthy doesn’t taste great. This is what got Sri Sri Tattva?s research team to create Ojasvita. Ojasvita is the ultimate combination of good health and great taste. Ojasvita?s 7 powerful herbs have been known for thousands of years to be a source of health and happiness. Ojasvita has now made these herbs accessible to all, bringing all the goodness you need to keep your body and mind healthy and happy.*

The Power of 7 Herbs

1. Ashwagandha: fights stress & improves immunity*
2. Brahmi: increases alertness*
3. Bhringaraj: supports body rejuvenation*
4. Jyotishmati: sharpens memory*
5. Kali Musli: increases strength*
6. Shatavari: provides nourishment*
7. Shankapushpi: increases energy levels*

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