Home Doctor Kit – 7 powerful supplements

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500mg / 60 Tablets x 5, 250g x 1, 30ml x1

The essential must-haves for every home.*

1) Deva Vati is an effective blend of herbs that not only boosts immunity but also works to help reduce fever, along with helping to detoxify the blood and decrease swelling and inflammation. It works well to increase appetite and is excellent for improving digestion, as well as soothing hyperacidity. *

2) Triphala is a combination of three rich fruits that possess substantial health benefits – Amalaki, Haritaki and Bibhitaki. It is popular for improving digestion, cleansing and toning of the gastrointestinal tract, and easing constipation*.

3) Amruth is an effective detoxer that enhances immunity, purifies the blood, improves blood circulation, and strengthens painful joints and muscles. It also supports proper fat and sugar metabolism, and restores energy balance. *

4) Yashtimadhu reduces acidity caused from hampered digestion. In addition to balancing the digestive system, it too is effective in balancing the excretory, nervous, reproductive and respiratory systems*.

5) Amla is a natural source οf Vitamin C, packed with antioxidants that support the body’s natural ability to combat free radicals. Its benefits are many; helping in the treatment of hyperacidity, ulcers, blood impurities, digestive disorders, skin issues, coughs, asthma, and a lack of appetite*

6) Chyawanprash is a unique combination of more than 40 different herbs. It boosts immunity, rejuvenates and restores vitality and energy levels in the body. It is enriched with the goodness of amla (a rich source of Vitamin-C) and pure honey*.

7) Shakti Drops are made of pure water and the extracts of 8 invaluable herbs and plants, making it a powerful supporter of a strong and healthy immune system. It is a must-have in every household, aiding the immune system whenever it needs a little extra boost. *