Golden Monkey Ghee – Original

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10.5 oz

Organic and rich in purity, savor and texture.

Made using grass-fed cow’s pure milk from farms that focus on the cows? well-being to ensure quality and purity. Ghee has been used to optimize health since millennia with its rich nutrient content and innumerous benefits.

  • Ghee for Good_- We believe in honest food made the right way. Nourish your Body and Mind with the ?Original”. Use for saut?ing, frying, baking, grilling or as a spread.
  • TASTE GOOD: We embrace culinary craftsmanship adding a hint of?Moringa?as a special ingredient in our Ghee?s as per the Indian wellness practice of Ayurveda. The result is a luxurious, flavorful nutrient-rich cooking oil with time-tested goodness in every spoon.
  • FEEL GOOD: Hand crafted in small batches. We source our organic butter from 100% family-owned farms raising grass-fed cows. These dairy farms thrive on sunshine, grass and water.
  • DO GOOD – GOLDEN MONKEY helps you make delicious meals, with impact beyond your kitchen. 100% of our net profits benefit charitable causes.
  • WHY GHEE? – Ghee is THE secret ingredient of the best chefs. Has high smoke point, doesn?t create carcinogenic free radicals at high temperatures, contains the good kind of fat, kindles the digestive fire and much more!

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