Immunity Builder Kit – 5 effective supplements

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500mg / 60 Tablets x 4, 30ml  x 1

To reduce cold/flu symptoms and support recovery.*

1) Tulasi (Holy Basil) is uniquely suited to support the health of the intestinal and respiratory tracts. The benefits of its potent properties also span to helping with coughs and colds, minimizing bad breath and nausea. *

2) Kala Megh is renowned for supporting a healthy immune system, promoting a healthy respiratory tract, sinuses and throat while maintaining a normal body temperature. It also promotes the healthy flow of bile and supports proper liver function. *

3) Deva Vati is an effective blend of herbs that not only boosts immunity but also works to reduce fever, along with helping to detoxify the blood and decrease swelling and inflammation. It works well to increase appetite and is excellent for improving digestion, as well as soothing hyperacidity. *

4) Vasa is used to reduce coughs, asthma, bronchitis and colds, as well as other symptoms associated with these illnesses. Vasa is also effective in relieving excessive thirst, pacifying feelings of nausea, along with soothing joint pains by lessening inflammation.

5) Shakti Drops are made of pure water and the extracts of 8 invaluable herbs and plants, making it a powerful supporter of a strong and healthy immune system. It is a must-have in every household, aiding the immune system whenever it needs a little extra boost. *